How We Got Here

We are Realtors with RE/MAX of Hot Springs Village and also members of the Hot Springs Village and Hot Springs, Chambers of Commerce.  Brenda is a West Texas Girl and George is from Arkansas.  We moved here from Arlington, Texas, where Brenda had retired from IBM & American Airlines and George had bounced from the IT world to becoming an independent property and casualty catastrophic claim adjuster.


Why create a website, a video tour of the Village and area guides for dining, medical and clubs/groups/amenities/churches?

The website thing is just part of the Real Estate business.  The Village Tour and the Area Guides came from volunteering at the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center and introducing new comers to the Village.  “Where’s a good place to eat?” is the most often asked question in the Visitors Center.  We began publishing the Area Guides in 2019.  The POA General Rules and Regulations is reprinted from the POA website.


Then What?

The next asked question in the Visitor Center is “How do I get to see the Village?”.  Many new comers felt uneasy about riding around the Village with a “rascally” Real Estate Agent they had just met.  Most just wanted to get passed the gate.  So, we wrote a series of DIY guided tours that started as a document that included a map and layouts of the golf courses (all on the same page).  The DIY tour package now is: a 6-page document, a separate highlighted map with golf course layouts and a RE/MAX Factbook.  We also have a YouTube video that was developed from the DIY Tour.  Now a visitor can tour the Village in 22 minutes seated in the Visitor Center or at home.  We have found that many visitors actually take the DIY tour after viewing “Tour Hot Springs Village with Brenda and George Langley”.   We now receive requests for this information from all over the US.

Area Guides

The Property Owners Rules and Regulations– shown here unchanged from original POA content.

 Hot Springs Village Area Dining Guide– The first thing visitors ask when they come to the HSV Visitors Center is “where can I get something to eat?”  We continually visit HSV dining establishments in order to maintain currency.  The dining locations are arranged as follows:  Golf Course related (West to East), HSV non-Golf Course (West to East), West Gate exit (outside the west gate) area (Hwy 7) East Gate exit (outside the east gate – Hwy 5); Balboa Gate exit area (Hwy 5).

 Hot Springs Village Area Medical Providers– Always important information when one is new to an area.  The guide starts in Little Rock with the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences system and comes to Hot Springs Village with the info for individual practitioners.  Veterinarians are included.

 Hot Springs Village Clubs, Groups, Amenities, and Churches– Our largest guide and includes volunteer opportunities in Hot Springs as well as HSV.

 DIY Tour of Hot Springs Village– Includes the RE/MAX Fact Book and highlighted Tour Map.  There have been several releases of the HSV DIY tour.  The current DIY tour starts at the West Gate and provides a detailed tour of the Village (follow the Yellow highlight).  The current YouTube “Tour Hot Springs Village with Brenda and George Langley” was derived from this tour.  My suggestion is to view the on-line Tour while following along on the map and then drive the DIY tour with the map and a navigator.  This way you won’t need that rascally Real Estate Agent, if you like this tour then you can contact us for a more personalized tour.

George & Brenda Langley

RE/MAX of Hot Springs Village

Contact Information


RE/MAX Hot Springs Village: 501-922-3777

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