Café 1217 offers diners the best of many worlds. It is a fun and cheerful “gourmet to go,” a delightful dine in café, and a popular catering company all rolled into one restaurant, located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Café 1217 has received numerous awards from The Sentinel-Record (Readers’ Choice for Best Deli, Best Continental Gourmet, Best Lunch, Best Desserts) Arkansas Times (Readers’ Choice Best Deli Gourmet and Best Gourmet to Go) just to name a few!

General Manager and co-owner Ron Harris believes that the many awards that Café 1217 has received is due to good, old-fashioned baking from scratch and using only the freshest, finest ingredients. Fresh, unpretentious, comfort food, simply presented, is what keeps the locals and dedicated out of town patrons coming back year after year. “Each diner at Café 1217 should expect his or her local dining experience to feel new, fun, and exciting.” Says Harris.

Enjoy a fresh peach chicken salad, with peaches and cream muffin. Maybe a champagne salad with smoked salmon will tempt your taste buds. If you are in the mood for a satisfying sandwich, how does shaved ribeye street tacos, or a BBQ Shrimp Panini sound? Maybe you are in the mood for a classic entrée. May we suggest “old fashioned meatloaf” or “Rosie’s Authentic Hand-rolled Tamales?”

Kids can choose from a classic grilled cheese sandwich, peanut butter with apple and honey sandwich, or cheese quesadilla.

Mr. Harris adds that they change the café’s menu monthly. Each month there are three new feature salads, and five new feature sandwiches. “This keeps me challenged, and it’s a whole new experience each month for our customers,” says Harris. 

For a truly unique and delicious dining experience, visit Café 1217.

1217 Malvern Avenue, Suite B, Hot Springs, AR 71901, 501-318-1094

Monday-Friday: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Saturday: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Sunday: closed           



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