Many (most) visitors actually do express amazement and maybe even awe the first time they bounce into Hot Springs Village (HSV). A common statement is, “my friends back in “wherever” just won’t believe this”.  One of the reasons this website was created is to assist those people when awed by their first visit, go back home and face (convert) the skeptics.  Hot Springs Village is truly a great place, enhanced by being located near the city of Hot Springs in the State of Arkansas.  Many travel companies rate Hot Springs as the number one destination city in Arkansas.  There are many reasons for that number one rating and its almost as important to Hot Springs Village as it is to Hot Springs.  HSV is tied at the hip to Hot Springs.  Hot Springs provides support to HSV to include shopping, healthcare, dining, religion, recreation, entertainment, employment, art, culture and volunteering.  

This section is titled “Connections”.  It’s these connections from HSV to Hot Springs and throughout the state that allow HSV to be the awesome place that it is.

George & Brenda Langley

RE/MAX of Hot Springs Village

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RE/MAX Hot Springs Village: 501-922-3777

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