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This website is the result of volunteering for many days over multiple years at the Hot Springs Village Chamber and Visitors Center. The first question most visitors ask is “where do you eat?”  This is followed with “what about healthcare providers?” then ” what if I don’t play golf?” and “tell me about the POA.” Most visitors want a Village Tour, but many don’t want a rascally real estate agent in tow. To address these questions, we created and printed “guides” and distributed these to visitors and inquiring residents. By request, we have mailed this “welcome package” to many through out the mainland.

The Do-It-Yourself Tour of Hot Springs Village was well received and now has an online version. To attain better coverage and availability, Brenda decided to move all the “guides” online. Our plan is to maintain a quarterly validation and update the existing guides while adding other topics related to the Hot Springs Village area. These additional topics will include trails, fishing, state parks, entertainment, and dining outside the Village. We will have a blog where readers are provided a place to share their experiences.  We hope you will share this website with family and friends as well.

As a side note, we are Realtors, and there will be some of that too!

Hot Springs Village Fact Book

Tour Trip – 2021 Edition

Hot Springs Village Arkansas Property Owners’ Association – General Rules & Regulations

Medical Providers – Hot Springs Village Area

Quick Reference Guide to Hot Springs Village Area Dining

Clubs, Groups, & Organizations – Recreation Amenities & Hot Springs Village Churches

George & Brenda Langley

RE/MAX of Hot Springs Village

Contact Information


RE/MAX Hot Springs Village: 501-922-3777

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